Is Your Leather Product Ageing?

Is Your Leather Product Ageing?

Few things age as gracefully as leather. That sheen—its pure gold. 

Some of the finest things in life—wine, cheese, scotch, and denim—only get better with time. The ageing process imbues them with great value, makes them more desirable. People that love using leather products particularly cherish the weathered look that comes with regular use and passage of time.

As leather ages, its surface changes, developing something called patina. Patina is what imparts the leather with a weathered look—a darkening in some places, a sugary glaze in others. Patina masks tales and adventures, stories of victory and loss. It is the ultimate mark of ownership, a high accolade in the world of leather snobbery.


What is patina, though?

Over time it develops a sheen in some places while other areas may become darker, it really all comes down to the way it is used! Even the scratches and marks along the way add to the distinction of the patina. Leather absorbs elements from the environment—oils from your skin, rays from the sun, moisture from the rain, dirt from the road, and so on. As these elements assimilate into the leather, they change its look, colour, and finish. Since every leather product will undergo a unique life of its own, the patina it develops will be one of a kind, an indelible mark of ownership that cannot be duplicated or challenged by anyone. 

The development of patina is also an indicator of leather quality. Genuine leather ages wonderfully, while faux leather remains the same and simply cracks over time. 

Patina is to leather what fade is to denim—you want to wear it proudly. Outback products are unique, to begin with, but use them day in and day out, and soon enough, they will truly become one of a kind. 

Can I speed up the patina process?

Of course, all you need to do is give it more exposure to the sun, but remember that only the area which gets the most exposure will get a better tan. Other than that you can use leather conditioner and balm and you will see the change immediately. Ultimately it depends on the way you use your leather.

Can I slow down the patina?

Firstly you should know that you can't stop the ageing of leather. Its ability to age and change is quality and trademark of the original leather. Other than that yes, you can preserve the leather by regular cleaning and conditioning it to maintain the original colour.

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