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Who are we?

Outback is a modern, luxury brand for everyday carry products. We make beautiful and functional products using sustainable materials and sell directly to the customer at amazing prices.

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Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, but not sure what to get them? Give them the gift of choice with an Outback gift card!

A well-loved Bi-Fold Leather Wallet after 500 days.

Wondering how our products are so affordable?

No, we're not a charity. All our products are made by our in-house craftsmen using the best quality materials. We do not bulk produce and we use left over leather to make small products. Finally, we sell directly to the customer. So, no middlemen, no retail mark-ups and no inflated prices. Just honest prices. Our simple mantra - respect the customer and respect the environment.

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Here's what others are saying about us.


Excellent product with unmatched quality!

Yashmi Adani

Muse Leather Briefcase


Great bag! Professional craftsmanship, quality material, functional and stylish!


Runway Travel Leather Bag


I'm a working mother and this bag is perfect to carry everywhere.


Donna Diaper Bag


It is fantastic.


Donna Diaper Bag


I bought it as a gift for my sister who just had a baby.


Donna Diaper Bag


This is a beautiful backpack.


Mini Journey Leather Backpack


Love the quality as and workmanship.

Colleen N.

Donna Diaper Bag


Very nice and perfect fit.


Classic Storage Case


The bag is very comfortable to carry.


journey Leather Backpack