Diaper Bag | A Review by Katie Frances

Diaper Bag | A Review by Katie Frances

Whether it's a newborn baby or a toddler, as a mother, you can never be too prepared. Food, toys, diapers, change of clothes, your baby can need anything, anytime. And there is one thing which becomes your most important companion - Diaper Bag, to hold everything together. I wanted to upgrade from a shoulder bag to a more comfortable diaper bag. So I had been actively searching for a rucksack style bag which is convenient and spacious both.

I saw the Outback’s Diaper Bag and instantly fell in love with it. It changed my perception of a perfect diaper bag. An impeccable blend of style, design and functionality. 


  • The design of the diaper bag is practical, luxurious and functional, with a minimal, sleek and clean look. It is made of genuine leather and is available in a variety of colours. I loved the tan colour because it is beautiful and looks chic. Each backpack can be personalised with your name and I chose to get my name embossed on the backpack. It felt nice and unique to see my name on the bag. It has a wipeable lining inside in case some liquid spills. Looks like they thought of everything while designing this bag.


  • On the exterior, it has a big flap at the front with two magnetic snaps at the sides which instantly secures my belongings. It also has a zip on top once the flap is opened for that added layer of security. Also, it has pop openings on the sides which are used when I carry lots of things. On the front is a wonderful pocket where I keep my wallet, phone and keys. Moreover, the diaper bag has two side pockets in which I keep my water bottle or my baby’s bottle. Also, it is roomy enough to keep snacks, extra baby clothes and breastfeeding slip


  • My previous diaper bag was unorganised which made it difficult to access items kept inside. This diaper bag has four compartments in which I keep diapers, old mat and wet wipes as well as my beauty and a hygiene kit. Also, it has a black zip where I store my personal belongings. For all you super moms out there, it also has a separate laptop section which makes this diaper bag perfect for work also.

    adjusting straps

  • A diaper bag needs to last you a long time. You don’t want to be buying a new diaper bag every 6 months because your baby has grown or it’s started falling off from places. Since this diaper bag is made using genuine leather, I expect to use it for a long time. When the kids no longer need a diaper bag, I can use it as a backpack for myself. When I pull the straps up, it can be used as a crossbody or a purse. The bag is extremely comfortable and has many variations which can never go out of style.

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